About Me.

Well, my name is Tim Placek. I lived in Onalaska, WI my entire life before moving to Holmen, WI 10 years ago with my amazing wife Melissa, our son Adam, our daughter Keira, and our other daughter Sadie, a beautiful Golden Retriever. Growing up I always had an appreciation for things around me and preserving moments of my life. I found myself often taking pictures during important events in my life or to preserve memories of what I had hoped to remember in the future. One of the down sides to growing older is forgetting certain events or memories of what has happened in the past. Of course we remember most of the big things but as time passes we forget some of the details. I’ve always been a very passionate person and if given the chance for one day would go back to relive some events from my childhood. That’s where I get my extreme passion for photography. Pictures are one thing we have to relive what we’ve experienced. Every time I look at a picture from my past it reminds me of so many more things I remember from that event or time in my life. Pictures are our window into the past. Combine the passion I have for preserving our memories with my passion for people and you get Placek Photography & Design. I feel truly blessed. I live my life meeting the most amazing people from all over the country doing what I love the most, capturing their life and their most cherished life experiences. I look forward to meeting you and capturing your memories.